Jubilee weekend – day 4

We had the corporate passes for the weekend and off to the Zoo we went, despite hearing horror stories of the crowds and parking woes. We reached the Zoo’s carpark at 815am. There was nary a car in sight and we had one of the better parking lots. 

The zoo opened at 830am and off we went searching for the newest exhibit, the koalas!  

There was a koala photo wall 

As usual, the koala bears were sleeping but they were pretty near to us. 

It was such a chirpy morning that even the white tiger was prancing around.

The polar bear was swimming rounds and rounds in the pool    

We squeezed in a selfie because Z reminded us to  

We caught the 1030am performance which tickled Z to no end  

Followed by the 1130am Elephant show where one of them had to pull the flag up   

At the reptiles’ section  

We went off for lunch at HV2’s Osteria where the food was awesome, especially the iced chocolate  

The boys and their toddler friend scooted and ran for hours at HV2 before we called it a day. I was pretty sure Z & X would concuss in the car.

They surprised me by being awake and was raring to go down to the pool

We rounded off the day with dinner at Toa Payoh and a visit to this much talked about “dragon” playground.

Answering Z’s question on what a dragon playground was with a site visit   

Up the slippery dragon bones

Z & X concurred that it had been a scary walk (despite walking a few times on their own accord). That made our generation a pretty gutsy one then. 😏

So there, we concluded the jubilee weekend with a meaningful visit to the playground from yesteryear.

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