Aftermath of the Jubilee weekend

It was nearly a week long of celebration for us. Thinking back, every weekend was a mini celebration in our own way because we always made an effort to bring the kids to the parks, places of interest and seasonal exhibitions. We did not wait till the jubilee weekend to go to places such as Gardens By the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Sentosa Cable Car or the Zoo. They were regular features in our lives. It was a poignant reminder to appreciate the peace, the beauty and the experiences our country gave us. It was also reflective that the jubilee celebrations did not cease with the end of the jubilee weekend but we could continue to enjoy the joys of the city-state country even after the parties were over.

Having travelled with the frequently with the kids and always scheduling visits to their parks and playgrounds made me realize that Singapore boasted of equally exciting and fun areas of interest. It had struck me that we always took what we had in our “backyard” for granted. 

We had brought Z to Sea Aquariums in Bangkok & Melbourne but never brought him to the ones on Sentosa.

We had brought Z to Disneyland a few times in Paris and Hongkong, Legoland in Windsor and Johor, Thomasland in UK but only took him to Universal Studio Singapore once.

We brought Z to Hyde Park in the middle of a hectic traveling schedule but seldom visited Botanic Gardens.

Someone told me that we had world class floral display at Gardens by the Bay but we had never been there.

Since this realization hit eons ago, I grew to appreciate what we had in Singapore and we had created many beautiful memories with our children at these places. 

This jubilee was a milestone in Singapore’s history and would forever be part of our past. The jubilee celebrations had been a grand dame of celebrations. There were beautiful reminisces of the past, there were free entry to many attractions, there were many parties, carnivals and exhibitions. 

Today’s Singapore, at its 50th, was an awesome place to live in. We might be small but we had nearly everything at our fingertips. All these were made possible because of our forefathers. 

Every beautiful facade was a result of someone’s hard work. 

Looking at the outstanding jubilee celebrations, we had many unsung heroes to thank for making everything run like clockwork. These were people with family and friends who had hoped for them to spend the National Day celebrations with. Yet, they spent the 4 days working tirelessly and faced tens or hundreds of thousands of people. 

We had what we could have because some people had to sacrifice to perfect the occasion. I felt very touched by the generosity of time and effort contributed by these unsung heroes. 

We had much to appreciate around us, to thank, to feel blessed about and hoped that Singaporeans would become happier, more gracious, contented & selfless with time to come. We would not take our blessings, peace and prosperity for granted, and to continue to work hard for Singapore to become a more prosperous and harmonious country.

In 50 years’ time, I hoped our children would be able to witness and celebrate SG100. Maybe Mr H and I would live to see too. 

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