Sunday treat at USS

With Z & X (to a limited extent) finally of age to play at USS, it made the investment in season pass pretty worthwhile.

X and I were morning folks. Mr H and Z were professional “theme park goers” because they knew the importance of getting to the park early! We were done with breakfast by 9am and Z stood in the members’ queue while I ran an errand and Mr H was still looking for parking.

Once in, Mr H and Z dashed for Z’s favorite ride – Puss in Boots. I took X for a leisure walk towards Treasure Hunter ride.

Along the way, the Dino fascinated him
This was X on his second round when Mr H and Z joined us 

Jurassic Park section was only opened at 11am. Hence, I took Z on the mini roller coaster which he was rather unwilling about. πŸ˜‚ 

We regrouped with Mr H and X for Shrek’s 4D encounter and the Magic Potions ride. Once we were done, we realized it was pouring. Thankfully, we had the rain cover for the stroller and a stash of raincoats. 

Z asked to go on the carousel. Both boys were happy with their selections.   

We then made our way for the 1145 Elmo show titled “When I grow up”. The show was very kids centric. It was my first time watching the show. Halfway through, many adults left. 
To be honest, I would never have watched it sans kids. Now that I had kids, it made perfect sense to watch this and it was very enjoyable. X loved it! Compared this to watching character performances in shopping malls, this was a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.  
The show lasted 20minutes and we broke for lunch at the cafe opposite the theatre. The boys were pleased with the free collectibles which came with their meals – bumblebee straws!   

X was too short for the Sesame Street ride so he had to sit it out. Once we were done with the ride, there was a 1.15pm street performance to catch.

Photo taking time     
Then we met Bumblebee – the boys were thrilled 


Z was befuddled with a moving bumblebee. I teased him lots about it. Here was them with the Bumblebee car:
We took X on the Accelerator ride. Whilst walking back to Jurassic Park, X fell asleep. We cleared the Flying Dino ride with Z. It was a 30min’s wait! πŸ˜“

After that, we took the boys for a haircut and Z for his swimming class. He swam butterfly strokes successfully for the first time this term. It was a very tiring lesson.

It was such a long day that we ordered pizza and watched movies at home, including Harry Potter.

Introducing my sons to the magical world of Harry Potter

They were distracted by pasta though 😱  

That concluded the end of a very busy weekend and 1 out of 8 Harry Potter films to catch before this December. 

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