USSS – Universal Studios Singapore (Sunday)

For a consecutive Sunday, we went to USS.

We had started the park in a clockwise direction from Far Far Away land the week earlier, so we started the park in an anti-clockwise direction this time round.

X was less upset with Z and Mr H sprinting away for the Transformer ride which still warranted a 10 minutes’ wait so early in the morning.

Checking out the vintage cars which he thought he could sit in, oops Baby!   
Taking the Accelerator Ride  

The riders’ screams beckoned so I waited for Mr H to takeover toddler-sitting so that I could go on Cyclone (read: first of many single riders to come)   

Treasure Hunting seriously

Jurassic Park opened at 11am and I never knew why till today. There was a funny introduction.  

Z and Mr H went on the Rapids Adventure while X and I took this 3 times!

Meet and Greet   

We took the Crate Adventure ride and X was less fearful of the ride than before. That was a definite improvement.

We caught the 1215pm Sesame Street show. The boys loved the show and we were happy making them happy. The gift of giving joy and lighting the kids’ faces up were undeniably priceless. X clapped and wriggled along.

By the time it ended, it was time for lunch and we popped over to Fish & Co. The boys were accustomed to short visits to USS. The serving size at Fish & Co was huge. It also offered the kids a good view of the Admiral Zheng He’s video.

After lunch, we went to SEA Aquarium.

Z asked to take photos along the way in   


We had wanted to check out the Typhoon Theatre which featured a 12-minute long video. Unfortunately, X fell asleep after all that excitement in the morning. 

A slow and leisure walk through the aquarium   

Z joked that these fishes were out on excursion while Mr H joked that it was little wonder Joseph Schooling swam so fast cos of “schooling”. 😏

Z picked up his complimentary ice cream from the Seaside Shack, right next to the Dolphins. That would make him want to visit the aquarium regularly! He was so pleased with it except for the brain freeze.  

There was a mini exhibit on Sea Monsters. This was the Megaloden which was 30 times bigger than the great white shark!

At this juncture, X woke up from his nap. He had 5 minutes to look at the fishes before we went to Toast Box. I was shocked at the prices at Toast Box RWS. It was so expensive compared to the usual Toast Box. One cup of Teh was $2.50 instead of the usual $1.60.

We had to leave at 330pm to send Z to his swimming class. X launched into massive cries when he realized we were headed for the carpark. He cried and cried. It was a sure sign that he did not want to leave.

He was inconsolable and cried,”Fish fish… I want see fish.”

I asked if he was fine that Mr H and Z would leave while I brought him to the aquarium. He usually would protest against the idea of splitting up but he was for the idea today.

Definitely a sign that he was growing up and knew what he wanted very clearly.

X, back at the aquarium and enjoyed himself very much   

Colorful fishes which set him on many “woahs”

We swung back to USS to catch the 5pm Crusiers’ performance and the 515pm Sesame Streeet show (again)    

The pro who was still as excited about the “Elmo” show 

He was so pro that he proactively hugged Bert, Grover, Elmo and Cookie Monster. Even a toddler knew which character was the main star of the show.

On our way out, X spotted the mascot and took a picture 

So far USS Sundays were a great hit with the boys. 

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