Leveling the playing field

There was much hooha over the RI principal who talked about elitism and the RI Old Boy who stood by elitism.

I always thought the best thing the government could do was to regulate preschool education. If I might put it, there was nothing wrong with RI being a prestigious school. However, it was not the lack of diversity that created its prestige. Brilliant students had hailed from the school, creating the level of prestige.

The true cause of diversity had started many steps ahead when there were preschools with varying school fees catering to a vast segment of families. The pricing of school fees created social classes which then led to further distinction at primary school levels, not to mention the alumni, the associations and the proximity. The diversity of primary schools was lacking too.

Back to talking about preschool education, better preschools inevitably attracted better teachers who nurtured students differently from the mainstream. They were able to inspire and motivate a love for learning, not simply just creating lots of homework for preschoolers to do. Of course, it wasn’t to say there there were no good teachers at the mainstream schools. Given the economics of demand and supply, prized talents would be drawn to better paying schools, won’t they? Unless they regard teaching as social work.

While it was great that they were creating MOE kindergarten, the progress was a slow and tedious one. The results, successful or not, would only be known at a later stage.

I wondered if I would see much improvements to this preschool system in X’s time. 

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