Restful Sunday

We took a break from USS this Sunday. Everyone had the luxury of sleeping in till 9am. That was the definition of waking up late in our household. X and I were early risers, so that left little room for negotiation for Mr H & Z.

After breakfast, the boys dribbled around with their respective footballs.

I got a pretty good shot of Z! 

By 10ish, Mr H brought Z for his rollerblading class while I stayed home for real life housekeeping and digital housekeeping.

Quiet play, a rare sight at home and I had not realized both boys had this many transformers, excluding the unboxed ones  

I dropped Z for his swim class while X had his own water confidence session with Mr H. X had no qualms about putting his head underwater now.

We had a short burst of free time and popped down to Fort Siloso. It was shocking to find out that the parking at Underwater World cost $9 for 3 hours. We only had an hour so it meant $9 to park for an hour. Thankfully there was Rasa Shangri-La where we parked $5 for the first hour.

The Fort Siloso Skywalk with an impressive view   
And glass flooring to boot!! 

Both Z and X were scared. Me three!
We literally sucked our breath in and took the first step. 

I was proud that the boys were learning to cope and face up to their fears. I guessed my pep talk and push for “adventures” work to certain extent.

 Enjoying a good breeze and walk to the Fort   

The Fort closed at 6pm and we reached at 5.55pm. We missed visiting one of the stores as the person was locking it up. We gave the boys a short history lesson but I thought all they were impressed with was the gun battery. 

More Phototaking at the entrance

Mr H dropped us off at Imbiah station so that X could take the monorail. This boy was bugging us the night before. The monorail was so packed that when I asked X if he wanted to take monorail again, he said,”Enough.”

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