Full day diaper-free

  On teachers’ day, I took the day off and literally took X’s diaper off too. We took Z to see doctor for his eye and random ear pain, followed by lunch and a family movie date. 
Though we were out the entire day, I made a conscious effort to remove his diaper. He had on-off trials at home but we never really had a continuous run. 

He even had a nap during the movie and I was so afraid of accidents. In the end, when we were waiting for a parking lot at RWS, it happened.

X was mortified that he wetted his pants and the car seat. He told us he wanted his diapers. We had been initially frustrated but seeing his panic, we decided that we must sound encouraging.

He gained the confidence to wear a new underwear, instead of falling back on diapers.

We toured SEA Aquarium, had dinner where he even accomplished a poop job at a coffee shop, dropped Z off for class and visited a friend’s newborn. He did fine.

He clocked 8am – 10pm of diaper free hours and 1 accident at 32.5 months’ old. Hope we could continue the training with success.

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