Active kids

Some parents feel that their kids are overly active and seemed to be unable to concentrate.

To be honest, having two boys meant that we had double the activeness to manage. But as I always told Z, “There was a time to play, you play when it’s time to play.”

Sunshine and the outdoors were critical for active kids. Give them a daily dose, you could be quite sure to have reasonable boys on hand. Whenever they acted up, head for the outdoors. 

Their bodies were crazing for action, so if we could meet their demand, their activeness could be expended. 

That was also the reason why I recognized the importance of playing outdoors. My kids became nicer. They become more reasonable, they actually listened to our explanation and took our alternative suggestions.

If you were to google for “Why is outdoor play important”, you would end up with many education papers explaining the benefits on growth and development of children. You broaden their senses, exploration and help them to learn. That was probably why we always felt the kids underwent a stage of “awakening” after every holiday. It was as though they matured over each trip.

An example of a website sharing tips and importance of outdoor play –

Quoted from the above website:

Among a wide range of benefits, outdoor play is vital, because it:

Gives kids a chance to burn off energy

Can be calming and allow kids to “recharge” their energy levels

Helps kids learn to interact with and understand the natural world

Offers a chance for more social interaction with peers

Helps to develop their powers of observation and their assessment of risk

Offers more opportunities for creativity and free play

Helps to build a strong link between physical health and outdoor play, at a young age

I thought the most important pointer was on burning off energy. Handling kids with boundless energies indoors meant they would be bouncing off walls and us!

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