The voting weekend

This was an exceptional year with quite a number of long weekends.

We kickstarted the weekend with early morning voting. X was rather upset that he could not go in. Mr H and I had to take turns to vote while the other party waited at the gate. I voted first and brought the kids to the nearby coffeeshop for breakfast.

 The queue at 8am  
We had a badminton date at Civil Service Club. X played at the children’s pool while we stayed at the multipurpose courts.

Z preferred water play to learning badminton, much to our chargin


Hanging out at the cafe   

I was too tired from work the previous day to cook and I broke my code of standards by allowing the boys to eat fish ball rice noodle soup. It turned out to be a bad call because the fish balls were salty and not fresh.

The boys napped before we headed out to shop and watch “Inside out”. It was hilarious and meaningful. It went well till X spilled his popcorn and his “Anger” took over the steering wheel. 

We met up with our friends for dinner and celebrated their birthdays.


Busy boys  

There was a slight haze but the boys were itching to run around. We let them loose at the playground.  

On Saturday, we met up with friends for lunch after Z’s soccer. 

Funky kids  

The kids loved La Barca’s inflatable water slides, despite the haze.  

We also celebrated A’s birthday.  

Warring kids at table soccer – not a pretty sight!

All wiped out  

We had another birthday to celebrate!

Sunday was a lot quieter because it got super hazy! PSI was around 150 the entire day. 

Z did more work 
We were getting cabin fever so I decided to head out to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. They were offering free entry for 1 child with purchase of 2 adult tickets.  

X, all excited (to be out for the weekend)    

Real Dino bones 😱

It was compact but very informative. I had to say it was information overload for Z. X was entirely bored by the whole experience. 

We had tea at Star Vista and we tried our very first Milkcow. Mr H had passed money for Z to buy but he picked Milky Shot. It turned out to be the only flavor with a shot of Expresso! I offered to finish it up for him and he got to pick Milkcow Cotton Candy.

Very pleased with the huge cotton candy 

We called it a day after dinner which was about time too as the haze spiked to new heights. It exceeded 200 in the middle of the night. What a bleary and dry weekend it had been.

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