On spelling 

One day, Z questioned us why we did not conduct spelling for him at home. He was concerned why we had not taught him spelling.

To begin with, even at K2, he did not have to bring the spelling list home. I applauded the teachers for sparing is the agony but ensuring the children had their fair share of exposure on what spelling was like.

Mr H rebuked that he had always tested him spelling on the go. At every turn and corner, he would quiz Z on how to spell certain words. Z seemed appeased by the response.

I was tickled that my son had asked for more work.

Mr H was a stricter “home teacher” than me. On the occasions when he took over coaching, he set minimum standards on how clear the sentences should be formed and with more descriptions. I was happy to breeze through but not the man. 

Z had done fairly well by being able to spell based on phonics. I wished X, when he reached 5.5 years old, would take to spelling with ease too. 

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