The flip side of hazy days

The boys could not spend time outdoors, so they spent a fair bit of time on their toys and work.

Z completed a significant portion of the assessment books. I was quite happy that this boy could sit through hours of “torture”. In my books, it would be considered as mental torture.

However, he actually took pride in what he was doing and could spend hours on it. Maybe our years of nagging about focusing and concentration worked on him.

On the contrary, X seemed likely to have short concentration spans, evident from his infant days where I could not even trust him to latch and complete his milk drinking sessions properly. 

The only thing that X had stamina for – running and scooting. This boy was amazing when it came to play. He had boundless energies. He would soon be our headache X if we did not train him to concentrate. More parenting work ahead!

3 responses to “The flip side of hazy days

  1. do you have any tips for training the little one to focus? no amount of nagging seemed to help for L, haha!

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