Potty training (again)

A week to turning 2 years and 8 months old, X was fully potty trained in the day. He was off diapers in the day and naps at home. 

I was glad that we were getting somewhere and the school also decided to render us full support eventually.

It was really cute to hear him tell us about going to toilet.

This time round, with a second boy, I knew exactly how to bring him to toilet.

During Z’s time (being my first boy!!), I had painstakingly used wet wipes to clean the toilet seat cover while struggling to remove his shoes, shorts and underwear. I had been 6 months’ pregnant so it was no joke squatting with my huge tummy with a fidgety toddler in tiny toilet cubicles. I used to have nightmares about bringing Z to toilet! This round, I knew better. 

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