X the joker and entertainer       

X had a massive goofball island, according to Inside out’s terms. 

Cheeky smile 

He watched an episode of Voice of China 4 and was inspired enough to use the ice cream as his microphone. He belted out “songs” with the energy level of a live concert.  
He took Z’s goggles, put it on and mimicked how swimming on land would look like.

When he walked past GV Grand’s lobby, he told us that he wanted to watch shows.

Super massive ball of fun at 32 months’ old.

It was not without challenges. He gave us a good run when we opened his door. He went as far as being able to unlock his door and open while the car was moving. He also gave us grief every time his pms-alike mood struck. 

Even so, I would always miss this cutsy, hilarious stage of his toddlerhood.

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