Lunar at the SEAA

As annual pass holders of the RWS SEA Aquarium, we registered for this event called “Lunar in the SEAA”. The entry to this event was covered under the annual pass, which otherwise cost $28 for 8-10pm on the night of Mid Autumn Festival.

We had a lot of fun and were really impressed with what was offered during the event. On hindsight, it was a good thing we signed up for this because it was so hazy that Sunday night. It was air conditioned (no haze and not hot), spacious and really comfortable to hang out with the kids (no whines and cries).

Though we had been really tired from outlet shopping at IMM, I was glad we dragged ourselves down.

Welcome signage 


Lanterns for all of us

Creepy in the dark – perfect place to use lanterns     

All of us

For once, the aquarium was so peaceful that we took such a gorgeous family photo. Awesome lighting!  
Kids exploring the darkes corner with their lanterns   


There were 10 riddles and this was our mock HQ for solving riddles     

There were storytelling sessions of how the message was passed in the moon cakes – so this was the “emperor”  
This was “Chang-Er”  

There was a live orchestra and it was really serene watching the fishes “swim” with the music 
The “tea” area setup by SEAA. They used ancient looking tables and chairs to create an Oriental mood.  

Free flow of Mooncakes, buns,  tea and Diet Coke     

Toasting to MAF 2015

We only got 3/10 for the riddles but the organizers were nice enough to give us the prize of SEAA water bottles as well as SEAA stuffed toy key chains for completing the survey forms.

It was a fun and fruitful night. Definitely worth renewing the annual pass for more of such events!

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