Goofball at 2 years, 8 months & 3 weeks’ old

Goofball X celebrated his 3rd Children’s Day at the same preschool where he started his Infantcare. He had a Sports’ Day and Picnic in school.

I cooked him a tiny portion of fried rice for his little lunch box. If I couldn’t take the day off to bring him out, the least I could do was to make him lunch for his picnic. 

When we picked him up in the evening, there was still half a portion left and he had meant to eat it for dinner. Awww… He said it was very nice and was very upset when Mr H refused to let him eat due to fears of food contamination and it had been 12 hours since I packed it for him. 

Z went off for martial arts class and we took the window to shop at Uniqlo’s Children Day sale. X enjoyed some dedicated time with us.

X went nutty over the jackets!   
He had a few presents from school. This was what his form teacher gave.

Acting all cute and hyper     

More goofiness 


Then he was up to no good by refusing to sleep. It was 1130pm when we caught him doing this. 
Mr H said,”So hardworking ah?”

X nodded.


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