Staycation – check out

The kids were woken up at 830am because my grand plan was to enter Universal Studios on time. We checked out in the morning too.

We had breakfast at Krispy Kreme which was unfortunately a poor experience. They had no chocolate supply for beverage so that meant we could not order any hot chocolate or the likes of mocha. They also did not sell bottled milk. We made through 4 doughnuts and were in the queue by 940am. 

What I did not anticipate was the return of the haze, the brutally hot weather and worn out kids. I had to force Z to take the Transformer ride and X was pretty much too tired to want to take any rides. They made taking Treasure Hunter ride sound like a chore.

I took the Cyclone alone while the boys waited. Jurassic Park was opened and even the all-time favorite Dino-Soaring could barely make them smile.

Tired Z  
More tired folks


I grabbed Z to go on Canopy Flyer, and he was really unimpressed. 😏 

At least they posed for photos – this was part of the Halloween exhibits  
More scary exhibits

Z went for Madagascar ride while I took X to the carousel.

We mustered the strength to catch the 1145am Elmo show before the haze, heat and fatigue got the better of us.

Posing with Dracu-minion display   
Hence, this marked the end of our staycation. 
On hindsight, we should have opted for the family room. Both Mr H and I could not sleep well with 2 boys moving and talking till late night. 

I was so glad that we had booked triple rooms for our next trip.

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