Cleaning the mess

One day, X poured out 100+ mini cars from a shared play tray. Most of the toy cars belonged to Z. However, Z was watching Harry Potter when X made the mess. 

Featuring part of the crime scene 

I told X to keep the toys but he refused to budge. When I took the cane to threaten him, he got off the sofa reluctantly and turned around to pull Z to keep the toys with him.

I was appalled by his actions. I told Z not to help and insisted that X tidy up his own mess. He eventually started on it but when my back was turned, X got on the sofa to watch movie again. 

Guess what he said when I asked him what he was doing…

X replied, “Me tired. Kor kor keep…”

Needless to say, I whipped out the cane to threaten him and X kept crying that he was tired. He played defensive mode before I even lifted a finger on him. Talk about being a drama king!

In the end, Mr H had to come out to support my decision and X knew that he had no choice but to keep the toys himself.

What did I have on my hands man? 

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