Bundle of joy & arrogance

I digged out a pair of Lightning McQueen crocs which had belonged to Z. It was in such mint condition that it looked as good as new. X put it on excitedly and asked, “Where you buy from? Japan?” 

While the toddler accent was strong, I was impressed with his ability to string a question and to make assumptions. He was not present when this pair of crocs was procured and given that I had bought a whole bunch of shopping loot from Japan recently, he naturally assumed that these were from Japan.

I corrected him that I bought it in Singapore and he could not stop echoing “Singapore”.

At the same time, he loved to mimick speaking in a stern and decisive tone. 

He would point his index finger and demand, “I want to bathe now.”

He was very strong minded. 

We were popping downstairs to check on Mr H’s tennis session. Z helped X to put his crocs nearer to the door step. As he bent down to place the crocs (like how sweet is this boy!!), X pulled the shoe shelf open and cut Z’s face in the process. Not only was X unapologetic, he pointed his index finger at us and said, “I want wear slippers!”

He continued his insistence and ignored the fact that he injured his brother. 

Yes, he was cute.

But yes, he was also insufferable.

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