On Z going to P1

It was expected as a natural progression.

You always knew it would happen and yet, when it happened, it felt surreal, odd and surprising.

Surreal that a good 6 years had whizzed by.

The baby whom we brought home from TMC had more than doubled his height.

The toddler who was learning to walk could dribble soccer balls.

Odd that he was going to primary school but still felt like a baby in my heart. Odd that he suddenly knew everything. He went into the school barely able to string a sentence together.

Surprising … Because it felt as though the realization only hit me now. The best way to describe was putting on weight gradually and finally looking into the mirror to see a very fat person. It was a lousy analogy but you got the idea.

Cheery Z 
He had gone to this school as a 24 month and 1 week old toddler. Look, how far he had come.

Before long, I should be sobbing over the various graduations, National Service and more.

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