P1 Checklist

As Z would be heading off to Primary School soon, I took note of these tips when I saw them on a forum and advice from friends. Seeing how overwhelming the tips were and how much information overload could occur, we broke down the steps for Z and ourselves.

In splitting up the activities into 5 distinct steps, I hoped to reduce the stress for Z on the first day of school and at the same time, ensured that the basics were covered.


Part 1: Pre-administration day – Mid Oct

  1. Purchased School uniforms
    1. Shirt – size 12
    2. Shorts – size 24
    3. PE Tee – pre-order size 13
    4. PE Shorts – size 22
    5. Pre-order name badge
  2. Purchased School shoes
    1. Size 13 & 13.5
    2. Practice shoelace tying

Part 2: Administration Day – end Oct

  1. Dental consent form
  2. Particulars form
  3. Giro for monthly payment
  4. Book list, Bus services form & student care form

Part 3: Orientation Day – Early Nov

  1. Making friends
    1. Self-introduction
    2. Namecards
    3. Tokens
  2. Touring the Canteen & Bookshop
    1. Buy books (or order online)
    2. Check on school’s recess procedure (Buddy up with a P5 for 2 weeks)
    3. Buy School tie
  3. Tour school facilities
    1. Toilets
    2. Assembly area
    3. Classroom

Part 4: Before school starts

  1. Packing schoolbag
    1. Based on handbook
  2. Checking the School Diary
  3. Going through the MOE activity book
  4. Laying out school attire & socks
  5. Labelling of items
  6. Preparing a telephone card with several contacts for his wallet, file and bag
  7. Establishing the pocket money procedure
  8. Organizing a playdate with new classmates* if we have the contacts

Part 5: First day of school

  1. Making Friends
  2. Buying food
    1. Counting Money
    2. Type of wallet
    3. Speed of eating


  1. Uniforms
    1. 2 sets of uniforms
    2. 3 sets of PE attire
    3. 2 pairs of school socks with school emblem
    4. Embroidered name badge x 8 (to be sewn onto shirts & tees)
    5. 1 school tie (to buy from school)
    6. 2 pairs of school shoes
  2. Book list
  3. Essentials
    1. Schoolbag (to buy after book list)
    2. Water bottle with strap
    3. Wallet strap to attach to existing wallet
    4. Watch (remind him never to remove)
    5. New keychain (buy from Japan)
  4. Key stationeries
    1. Big pencil case
    2. Colour pencils
    3. Clear folders
    4. Multi-pocket file
    5. Plastic wrap for books
    6. Small Notebook
  5. Labels
    1. Iron-on dots for uniforms (existing stocks)
    2. Big sticker labels with contact information
    3. Medium sticker labels (existing stocks)
    4. Small sticker labels
    5. Shoe stickers
    6. Blank labels for files
    7. Name rubber stamp
    8. Fabric marker (recommended but I didn’t like how it would look, this would be my last option)

*Name stamp & simple stickers were ordered from Qoo10 seller (Luv Simplicity) at $11 and $2.90 for 50 large stickers respectively.

**Premium labels & Clothing stickers were ordered from MuaKids & utilized balance stocks from Stuck On You respectively. 

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