Sticker book for X

We used to buy a number of sticker books for Z just to get him used to the concept of pasting and having fun with books.

It took a girlfriend’s subtle reminder to jolt me into realizing that we had not done the same for X.

Many a time, we would comment that the personalities and abilities of two children were never the same. We also had to look at ourselves and ask how we had slacked and failed to do the same.

When I bought this thick sticker book, Mr H asked why I bought it. He said that X would destroy the stickers as he had done with our scrapbooking stickers. X had stacked the stickers up like pancakes.

I retorted that we had not provided him with a proper place to stick the stickers. 

In the end, X surprised Mr H by following his instructions and was able to stick more accurately than Z at that age. 

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