Kids’ course @ Forest Adventure

I had been wanting to bring Z to Forest Adventure for some time. I had tried it as part of team retreat and found it great for confidence building. The last time we attempted to come by was at the beginning of the Jubilee weekend but there was such a heavy rain that we had to cancel. Z was supposed to go on the forest adventure with his classmates on 16 sept but the haze rendered it impossible for them to go.

We were given the Forest Adventure voucher to be used at our own convenience by 31 Dec 2015. We made plans with his best friend and were lucky that it was a haze-free and water-free day!

Putting on the gear
We brought our own bicycle gloves for him  

Z & school bestie

Up they go  

Leading the way  

Overcoming challenges 

He was most afraid of this    

He squealed and almost broke into tears. We did not go up with him and I was giving him advice from the ground. Generally, he did well. He also took my advice on not squealing and opted to sing. Mr H and I were super amused.

When he was done, I persuaded him to go for a second round which he gamely took on with an incentive thrown in. He breezed through the second time he was up in the trees. 

I had been very impressed with him on both rounds. While he was scared initially, he had no qualms about starting off first. He kept moving forward while I cheered him on. I reminded him that when he was up there, all he had to do was to believe he could do it and just do it. He actually finished the course in less than 30min.

During his second round, he was fearless, agile and fast. He easily took half the time.

I explained to him that it was a confidence building course. Confident was a quality inside each of us. When faced with new and unfamiliar experiences, we tended to feel scared and some of us might not even dare to try. However, we would only learn upon trying and then we would realize how doable the task was. I encouraged him to remember this course and should he ever feel scared in future, just remember the confident steps he had taken up in the trees.

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