Z’s orientation day

It was Z’s second visit to the school after Admin day. It started at 9am and we reached at 840am. There was still ample space for parking.

After collecting the name tag (which indicated the class) and some documents, we went up to the school hall. It had been a long time since I visited a primary school hall. The last time was easily 14 years ago when I was a relief teacher. I was surprised by the air-conditioned hall. 

Sitting with his class
We were greeted with videos and opening performances before the principal and his management team spoke to us. I liked the values they extolled. I really enjoyed the presentation and the kids were led to their classrooms.

Everyone in the hall laughed out out when the principal talked about how he knew it was not the children’s fault if they were late for school. He urged all parents to buffer sufficient time to drop of the kids and reduce their stress and anxiety. Valid & fair statement, especially when I had first hand experience.

In particular, I was impressed when he talked about birthday parties and the sensitivity of the situation. I could understand why Mr H always spoke so proudly of his Alma mater on how strong they were in character building. 

The principal also talked about how we should not pass forgotten items to the children through the school. Even though he was aware that forgetting to bring the items may not be the child’s fault, it would serve as a learning process for the child for them to remind us. That resonated with me totally

Overall, I was impressed with the clarity and information given at the orientation, except it would have been perfect if we were given the timetable. We were only given what to pack for the first 3 days.

Meanwhile, Z had an interesting activity where the kids were given a kit comprising of some meaningful items. There was a packet of tissue paper for them to wipe their friends’ tears with, an eraser to signify that it was alright to make mistakes and more. There was an instruction sheet for us to recap with the children too. 

Lockers in school (which obviously was a novel concept for a new mom of a primary school going child)

The lockers were great for storing books and the school mentioned they would keep as many books in school as possible. They reminded us to get a school bag that fitted the child instead of one that would engulf the child.

 Spacious classroom for 30 persons 

By 1130am, we were allowed to roam the fair. The vendors were selling uniforms, books, bags and shoes. There was a long queue for uniforms but the queue for books moved very fast.

There were also queues for people who has to settle school bus and student care.

Selling Dr Kong & Impact bags  

We also managed to pick up the balance of our school list easily. It was pre-packed neatly so there was almost no queue.

 The box  

Inside the box


Separately, there was even an activity book to introduce primary school life to the kids.

All in all, the induction to primary school had been well planned out. Hope I remained a happy parent in a year’s time too.    

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