X’s growing up tales

On the eve of Deevapali, we could hear music and see lights flashing in the sky. It sounded like there was an event nearby. When X heard the music, he went to the balcony and pointed in the direction of the music. He said, “People dancing there. I want to go. Let’s go!”

It was around 11pm.

Shortly after, the music tapered off.

X went on to tell us, “Finish. People go home. They shower and sleep.” He gestured the ‘shampooing motion’ and ‘washing body motion’. Since that night, we saw an explosion in his vocabulary and speech.

He was 2 years, 10 months and 3 weeks’ old.

One morning, we dropped Z off before him and X said, “Daddy, go together. Bring me down.” He wanted to walk his brother into the school.

His sudden development explained the past 2 weeks of incessant frustration he had been dishing out.

It was also a sign that my toddler was growing out of his toddlerhood too.

How time had flown.

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