Z’s 6th birthday in school 

As many classmates were traveling after the graduation concert, the best time for us to host a party in school was two days before the concert and exactly a month to his actual birthday.

The boy requested for happy meals and goodie bags. He told us it was fine not to bring in magicians or play games. He also picked a cake which he thought was “amazing” and that his friends had not seen before.

Here were simple preparations prior to the party.

Cake flags
Lego toy, and other snacks & personalized name labels not pictured    

Farewell gift 


Surrounded by his favorite folks  

Capturing the last preschool birthday party for Z

Z was really pleased and appreciative. He thanked us for everything we did for the party. I was glad that this boy was sensible and sweet.

A day after the party, Z told me he had a meeting with his friends. The teacher talked to them about graduation and a few girls cried. He also cried because he knew he would miss his preschool friends so much. 


So much heart in this little boy. 

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