Leading up to school opening

In early Nov, I received my labels and went ahead to wrap Z’s books. We had purchased the books partially on 26 Oct and the balance by 6 Nov.

We had ready plastic covers for most and had to wrap a few manually due to their odd sizes.

Part of the stash (and loving the 50pc for $2.90 labels from Qoo10 very much)  
It took us an hour to settle all book-related items and pack the necessary items for the first 3 days of school. I also sharpened the pencils, checked on the stationery and ensured everything was in working order.

Bag tags from MUAKids  
We had also washed the uniforms.

All we had left to do were:

1. Iron cloth labels on uniforms, socks & tie (done)

2. Label shoes (done)

3. Buy a school bag (yes, after all that shopping, we had yet to decide)

4. Buy new hangers for uniforms – 3 for $2 from Daiso  (done)

5. Iron the uniforms (done)

6. Complete the P1 activity book

7. Play dates with classmates-to-be (done)

8. Complete the ice cream stick 

9. Buy the daily pill box and use as allowance dispenser (done)

10. Add in a box of colour pencils (done)


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