Getting ready for school 

Both Z & X would be starting new school on the same day. 

For Z, the learning curve of primary school was mitigated by his independence such as using toilets (since 2.5 years’ old), his awareness on managing money, his ability to read both English & Chinese comfortably and to have friends in the class. P1 was introduced in such a gradual manner that I did not think he would suffer culture shock.

I was only concerned by his eating speed. Seriously concerned. 

For X, the learning curve of preschool was made easier since it was a transition from one playgroup to another playgroup. Though it was to a different school, it was after all Z’s preschool and X was familiar with the environment. The teachers were also familiar with X. Furthermore, X was a Jan baby and that meant he was 3 when he joined the school. 

He was able to talk and would be able to communicate with his new teachers, as compared to Z who had been only 2 years and 1 week old, and was unable to communicate his needs.

If I had a concern, it would be if he missed his diaper friend in the old school or missed Z. I was not sure if he expected to see Z at the preschool though we had been telling him Kor kor was going to primary school. 

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