Z’s Graduation Party – Time to Fly

We celebrated Z’s class farewell party on 20th November. It coincided with the last day of school for MOE schools but it was not the last day of school at this preschool. After the graduation concert (scheduled on 27 Nov), some of the classmates would be away, so this was the best day amidst their hectic rehearsal schedules to hold the party.

My first thought in the morning was to compare how Z looked when he first started school and now that he was going to leave the school.

Always my baby, my sweetheart
We had 2-3 working days to put together a farewell party program for the kids.

I prepared a simple program booklet outlining what they were supposed to do for the day, blank pages for them to paste instax prints, a farewell song and a contact list.

The parents met at 9am to set up the party room (the school’s music room). To facilitate one of the games, we actually folded the paper aeroplanes in advance for the kids.

When the kids were done with their music practice, they came to the music room at 10am. I started them on a treasure hunt with pictorial clues. It started from the music room, to their cycling track, to the sand pit, to the school fence, to their new playground and eventually Z found the treasure loot under their grand staircase.

Getting a clue from treasure hunt 

Amongst the loot were the nicely folded paper planes. They got to compete on who flew the plane the furthest. Z came in second for his session.

Plane flying contest   

 Thereafter, they stayed in their teams and had a trivia session. 

Before we knew it, it was 11am and they got to their ‘food bazaar’. Each kid had to bring food to sell and $2 to spend. It was very cute to see them dress up in their handmade aprons & chef’s hats.

Z & his merchandise  

Making a sale

After that, they got to play more games, took instax, more photos & sang some songs. Memories were made of special moments like these. The past 4 years had been special and it was thanks to his nice teachers, awesome classmates and equally wonderful parents.

Gift exchange  

Instax memories  

Preschool was a great beginning, I hope these kids would grow up to remember each other and stay as friends through the test of time. May they always looked back on their preschool years and friends with great fondness.

Stay friends forever, kiddos!  

On a side note, Z told me that he had such a fun time and he loved every part of the party. He thanked me for helping at the party. Awww… 

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