Conclusion of another year 

It was rather odd to be penning this down, as early as in November.

I had 54 scheduled posts as of the point of writing this. Once again, it reiterated how much I favoured early preparation which extended to a large part of my life and personal philosophy. Hence, do not be exceptionally surprised if you were still reading about our 2015 days in 2016.

Only time sensitive factors such as the turn of a year would make me insert a time sensitive post. In the past year, I had written more, I had the opportunity of capturing more family moments and we were blessed with quality family time. Since 2014, I had been in a position where I was able to enjoy work life balance, or some could say work life blend.

We had started the year by going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Penang in Jan, Bali in February, Japan in May, Staycation at RWS in Oct/Dec as well as Japan again in Dec. I was pleased that I got to visit the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route and to have brought the boys for skiing. Apart from the occasional travel, the boys were treated to frequent visits to places of interest such as SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens By the Bay, Zoo, Bird Park, East Coast Park & more.

Z learned rollerblading this year while X took on cycling on his hand-me-down training bicycle. Z also picked up more swimming strokes and was now on the verge of conquering his butterfly strokes. X gained water confidence and was learning how to blow bubbles from Z.

Z was well acquainted with learning spelling on his own at his preschool, X was getting along well with his Bambino Luk. Z  spent the year learning to read well while X was learning to speak. From mere words, X could string a sentence together. He had an iconic and hilarious look when he went, “I think…” We could literally see the light bulb appearing next to his head.

For the later half of the year, it was very much about supporting Z for his rehearsals and preparing him for primary one. Sometimes, we were so busy with Z that we seemingly spent less time with X. X was very involved in the entire adventure of preparing his brother for primary school and even acted as his mock ‘new classmate’.

In the same breath, we spent more 1:1 time with X when we dropped Z off for his martial arts classes, art lessons and more. I guessed everything added up. The boys started to fight more these days and we were training them to negotiate and to think win-win.

With regards to marriage, Mr H & I were pretty much same old, same old. Preparing Z for P1 had been such a mega family project that we spent time working on that together, and we had so many activities that it was really unbelievable that the year had zoomed past. A life partner had to be a life’s project partner. In fact, for the later half of the year, we were working on our holiday itineraries and catching up on so many missed movies that we both enjoyed in the past.


There was a bit of trouble towards the end of the year, which was a lesson, a really expensive lesson. We learned to be sincere but yet discerning to people around us, we learned to be careful in helping people and we learned that trusting people was an art which had to be continually reviewed. Otherwise, 2015 was mostly happy and good.

2016 promised to be bigger, better and I hoped everyone around us would enjoy health, peace and happiness. Happy New Year to my dear friends!

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