A first award redemption on Star Alliance Partner Airline – ANA

It was in June when the award flights for the preferred travelling dates for Singapore to Tokyo & Osaka were fully redeemed. While all the accommodation had been booked and some had been pre-paid, I was unable to purchase air tickets for the domestic leg of Osaka-Sapporo & Sapporo-Tokyo. I wrote to Peach, Vanilla & ANA to enquire when they would open the flight bookings for domestic. However, all replied that I should check for announcements on their websites.

Meanwhile, I could see Skyscanner selling ANA & JAL flights for these sectors. It was about S$1,500 for 2 adults and 2 children to travel one way from Osaka to Sapporo and another $$1,500 to return. I was not impressed with Expedia’s untruthful search results of offering $500 per way for 2 adults and 2 children. When you clicked to Expedia’s site, it actually showed $1,500 as the final payable amount. I gave feedback to the Expedia but little could be done by the

Faced with fast-selling situation for Sapporo hotels and Rusutsu Resort, I was concerned if the tickets would be as hot selling. I was pretty firm on my schedule and had zero room to bend. That was when I wondered if I could redeem my KF miles for these 2 one-way domestic flights.

The award chart was listed on Singapore Airlines’ website. It cost 25,000 miles to redeem a return flight for domestic sector. Given that it was a 2 hours’ flight from Osaka to Sapporo and a 1hr 40min’s flight from Sapporo to Haneda, it seemed like a fair deal.

However, I could only do the redemption via form or telephone. Given how anxious I was, I called the Krisflyer hotline for assistance. I was delighted that the customer service operator had all the flight schedules. While I was mentally mapping out my itinerary, she informed me that I could not make an award redemption till 2 months prior to departure date. I was too stunned to quiz her further.

Mr H made the call the next day and the operator helped him to process the redemption booking. It was seamless and fast. However, any further changes to date would cost $20 per ticket. I was not sure of the cancellation policy. We would also need to call ANA ourselves for selection of seats.

After redeeming 25,000 miles per 2-way ticket per person, we only had to pay $3.20 per adult and $1.60 per child for taxes.

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