Introducing Harry Potter

To be honest, having spent more than S$300 on USJ express passes for us to visit Harry Potter land, an introduction for my boys to Harry Potter was in order.

I had considered reading the books as bedtime to them but figured out they might not have the patience to hear me read through the 7 books. While it took me only 2 hours to speed read the thickest volume, reading out loud was a different ball game. 

Here came the backup plan – watching the Harry Potter movies. As usual, I came up with the idea and Mr H executed the plan. He got us the Harry Potter movies and I briefed Z & X on the story.

During the first film, the boys were mildly interested. At the second film a month later, they were more keen. By the time we got to Prisoner of Azkaban, my 2.75 year old toddler was totally getting the groove of wizardry and waved twigs at me. He was shouting, “Run!!” when Harry & his friends were faced with Lupin the werewolf. They loved the film though there were some scary scenes. 

Mr H was amused. I was pleased.

I somewhat passed down my “teenage hood/early adulthood” legacy.

When I showed Z this picture we took in 2013, he was confused beyond words and truly believed that we had gone through the platform!

//edited: On 12 Nov 2015, both boys completed all 8 installments of the movie. What a major achievement unlocked! 😜

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