Z’s first friendly match

On 21st Nov ’15, Z participated in his first ever soccer friendly match. It was a good exposure to understand how the game was truly played on the field. 


Having his own minder 

Moved to defender role    

He also got to try the forward role. 

The good parts: I thought Z had several good dives for defence. He was also brave enough to slide when required.

The bad parts: He tended to lose concentration, waste energies running in circles and not sprint when he ought to.

The learning points: Only through this game, he had to learn about marking his opponent attentively, standing in clear space and how to plan a goal kick. 

The team that they played against was stronger and really thrashed their team by such a wide margin that I lost track of the scores. The other team had a much more organized and strategized game play. Z’s team seemed to be more of a motley crew without any team experience.

While Z was not a soccer prodigy, despite the less than stellar performance, he enjoyed the game and wanted to participate in similar friendly matches again. 

I was heartened by his positivity and the ability to take setbacks in his stride, as well as to acknowledge that he had room for improvement.


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