Inaugural visit to National Gallery

When the National Gallery first opened, we registered for free tickets in order to enter the museum without queuing.

We parked at High Street due to bad jams from the road closure. It was the first week after opening and there was an opening celebration. 

There were many ushers with maps to guide us. I tried going to the Keppel Art Education Centre for kids but there was a 45minutes’ queue!

We checked this out instead   

Designing their animal

X posing with an animal in the woods
This was Z’s  

X had so much fun that he didn’t want to leave.

We checked out some art galleries. 

Z enjoyed what he saw and asked me many difficult questions that I could not answer.  

He was swinging his arms so widely that o feared for this exhibit.

 We discussed about Chinese Ink & Calligraphy with Z

Random art that I liked because it had pink!


Enjoying the interior view 


We went up to the roof garden  

We saw that they were setting up an opening ceremony   

We popped over to the Supreme Court wing and were wowed by the dome! In awe due to the way they built over the existing building   

Cool exhibit 

First puppet show for Z  

Beautiful link bridge

 The kids’ patience were wearing thin so we went back down to level 1. We queued 20min to get in. There were 5 areas. 

The first stop – my boys loved vehicles so it was not surprising why we were here. Each kit had 2 vehicles and cost $4 per kit. We bought 2 kits.

The boat was harder to make

X loved his flying bus

Z and his completed piece  

In another room

Checking out 3D Woodlands City  


Their favorite section was Magic Forest.  


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