Tea in Pajamas

Since the start of the year, it had been hectic with settling both boys in their new schools.

Earlier in the week, I got Z to start reading this book called Tea in Pajamas. This book was written by a friend who I had actually known for many years since Livejournal days. I had always enjoyed reading her blog. It was particularly exciting when she messaged me that she had published a book and asked if we would like to receive a complimentary copy for review.

We were not professional reviewers, of course, but I was really psyched to read it. When Z knew that the book was authored by my friend, he said it was so cool. I thought so too.

Reading the book by the poolside

Synopsis of the book

Getting the kids to pose in their pajamas with Tea in Pajamas

Having Z read the book to X

When I was done with the book, I was really impressed. I felt I was transported to Belzerac with Belle Marie, the heroine of the book. The reading journey (for me) was magical, fun and filled with curiosity. Z was only through with the second chapter so he could not contribute much on his thoughts at this point. This was Enid Blyton on a higher difficulty level for him.

When I asked Rachel who should be reading this book, she mentioned it was probably for Mid-primary and onwards students. For voracious, young readers, this book would be great. It packed mystery, excitement and magic. Furthermore, as I was trying to expand Z’s vocabulary, creativity and writing, this book was all of that. I really liked how Z was learning so many, new adjectives and nouns along the way. Well, that was so ‘tiger mom’. However, if my child had to spend time to read a book, I wanted him to read good books, if you knew what I meant.

I already thought of buying another copy of this book to give to Z’s long-time friend. A quirky & meaningful birthday present would be a copy of Tea in Pajamas paired with a new set of pajamas literally.

To know about what inspired Rachel, the parallel journey between Belle Marie & Rachel, her post-publication thoughts and more, do check out her website at http://racheltey.com.

Short of sounding like a marketing pitch, do grab a copy and support local authors.

Tea in Pajamas is for sale at these retailers:

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