Getting a Data Sim Card for Japan

JAPAN LTE DATA SIM 5GB (2) Qty: 2 @ ¥5,300 = ¥10,600

Fri Dec 18 2015 – Sat Jan 2 2016 (16 Days)

In May 2015, I tried a basic sim card at ¥1,900 which offered 7 days * 100MB a day due to this ‘Fair Usage Policy’. Once you exceeded the first 100Mb of the day, the speed be reduced to nearly non existent. I could barely upload much pictures or blog on the go. While there was wifi in the hotels, there were some places which did not provide wifi.

In Sept 2015, I tried the portable wifi router which cost ¥920 per day and offered 1GB for every 3 days. After which, the ‘Fair Usage Policy’ kicked in. Another painful part was that the battery of the router would drain alongside with the phone. I could conserve its battery turning on only when I needed to use it but the boot-up time was annoying. Sometimes, things got critical when you only wanted to check the maps.

Given that we would be going in winter, I was sure that the cold weather would drain battery very fast, given how the Tateyama trip drained my power bank before my phone battery was even dead. What was the point of a power bank? On hindsight, I should have tried to keep it warm.

Furthermore, having sim cards instead of a shared router meant Mr H & I could split up at theme parks for queuing and not worry about being unable to find each other.

It was apparent that I preferred a sim card to a router. My friend did the homework and found this Sakura Mobile sim card. There was a promotion of 20% more data for usage in Dec-15 & Jan-16.

There were 3Gb, 5GB & 7GB options. We picked the 5GB each because we knew we probably had to share with the kids, partly because the price difference between 3GB & 5GB was only ¥1000. It seemed like a pretty decent deal. That being said, if only Singtel had a similar product like M1 Passport, that would have been much more awesome.

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