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Z the ladies’ man

Z would make a very good boyfriend and husband in future, based on what I had been exposing him to.

He understood that facials and manicures were a monthly requirement.

He knew that a woman would have many clothes, bags and shoes.

He knew that orange boxes were a woman’s wonderland. He called it “mummy land” to be precise and embarrassed me to no end.

He accompanied me for half my nails appointments, helped me to select nail colours and sat through while my manicurist worked on this.


He asked very politely,”Mummy, how come you are the first to reach and other people have finished, but you haven’t?”

He went shopping with me while I tried on 10+ apparels and waited patiently by himself right outside my dressing room. The sales people were impressed that he did not fuss about being left alone outside and that he did not run amok in the store. He was also ever ready with his compliments.

My dear Z, what a sweetie he was (when he wasn’t being annoying and whinny).

Well, he always behaved so much better when he was out with me only.


I usually do not like to sign packages for services because of my bad experience with some salon and gym many years ago.

However, the current place which I had been going for my facials was so good that I would be going on to my 8th year with them.  I saw their promotion which was $1688 for $2600 worth of service credits and $180 worth of product vouchers.  It was a really good promotion in my opinion.  Before I could sign up, my skincare consultant reminded me that I still had $500+ credits for the current package and I had a new package unused.  Darn.

But I really, truly appreciated how ethical the salon was.  I loved the fact that they had never attempt to hard sell anything.  The service was always good and the standard was always consistent.

It was also nice to be a recognised face at the salon.  The only thing that I did not really like was how kiasu every other customer was to book their facial appointments 2 months’ in advance!  For that very reason, I would not want to tell anyone where I would go for my facials.  #lol