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5 the Moment ice cream shop 

My colleagues and I shared 2 sets of this. It was $10.80 for 3 flavours as opposed to $4.80 for 1 scoop.

We tried Strawberry, Mango, Hazelnut, Ferraro, Oreo and Salted Caramel. They tasted really awesome. It was a surprising find along Tanjong Pagar road, being nearer to the Maxwell end and smacked amongst the bridal studios.

From the outside, it looked so dim that it did not even seemed open. The decor was interesting but a tad oddly put together. The dim, white lighting was not inviting. I thought they should have invested in warm lighting or spotlights which might draw more attention to the cafe. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if their main business was ice cream.

While the ice cream tasted great (I would put it up there with Ice cream chef and Creamier), there was no water, air con or friendly service. 

I guessed I might consider doing a takeaway instead.

Tarts from Crusty Oven

The chocolate tart at $2.40 was not bad but the fruit tart at $5.50 was rather disappointing . I guessed the fruit tarts from Drips set too high a standard to surpass and I probably should not be taking recommendations too seriously.

The fruits were fresh but the crust was not as crunchy or fragrant.     

The royale chocolate tart which was a saving grace but probably not enough for me to revisit  

Or were there other flavours that I should have tried?

Matt’s chocolate



And so my sister introduced me to this dessert place at Telok Ayer street. At $10, we shared the tiramisu which was even too hefty to finish up.

It tasted great, as per what you would expect of a well made tiramisu.

Ice cream frenzy




Well, it was not bad. We went in a big group and tried quite a few flavors. The quality of ice cream was good but the flavors only worked for us to a certain extent. The orange tiramisu was too fruity. The coffee ice cream was too bitter. The general ones were fine. The apple ice cream was nicely done.

The decor was a little odd with a mix of Asian art and teddy bears too.

The pricing was $3 per scoop for normal flavor and $4 for a premium flavor. It was quite well priced but I guess it would not be a place that we would swing out of our way for.

Perhaps the decor of the place could be improved to encourage people to stay and visit.

Death by macarons



In this box, it featured the following flavours – Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Nutella Hazelnut, Hoji Azuki and Blueberry Oreo (which I had tried before).

I was particularly excited about the Nutella Hazelnut.  However, an overdose of cakes from Chef Yamashita meant that I was tried to stagger my desserts’ intake. Hence, I had actually froze the macarons to savour over a longer period of time.

My facial had ended 30min ahead of schedule and I had casually skimmed through my Facebook newsfeed to discover the offering of Nutella Hazelnut for the day.  Hence, I swung over to the bakery.  The owner was pretty sweet because she recognised me the instant I stepped in.  Then she actually asked if I had not worn makeup for the day because I looked slightly different and I was usually accompanied by my family or the very least Z.

Well, what to say?  Not only was the entire family a fan of her macarons, we also loved her financiers in Chocolate and Green Tea flavours.  Too bad about missing the Durian flavoured financiers a few weeks ago though!

Yes, so I reckoned I would actually be having a really unhealthy addiction to the divine macarons for a long time.