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Weekend of parties 

We had a busy social calendar, made more evidently by the number of birthday parties we were invited to. I was glad that we stopped Z’s soccer classes so that we could make time for these social activities. The kids loved parties so it was really cute to see them fawning over cakes and favours. 

The weekend right after the CNY had us in a whirlwind. There were 4 party invites. The first was sweet little J who turned one at Tott Bistro, followed by B’s poolside party and Z’s classmate’s Kungfu party. 

The day after, it was our neighbour’s poolside party. 

Despite the busy weekend, we squeezed in time for tennis and swimming for the kids. It sure made me wonder how we were going to cope when the soccer classes were resumed.

Boys at the parties

Attending Jay Chou’s concert #postdated

Given the known fact that the concert was on 27 Dec, this post was well post-dated.

On the day when we were going to attend his concert, we also found out that many of our peers formed part of the 30,000 strong crowd at the stadium. I had felt awfully guilty about leaving the kids at home. Mr H’s parents had kindly agreed to look after the children.

Hence, we decided to make the day their day.

The day before, the kids had played the entire day with Z’s ex-classmate and then with my ex-colleague’s son. They woke up at almost 10am and we settled for brunch at Epicurious. We ordered the baked eggs, pancakes and eggs benedicts. I thought the standard had slipped since we last ate there.

We met up with our friends, who were headed for the same concert in the evening, to bring our kids to Polliwogs Robertson Walk. Our strategy was to tire the kids out and to redeem our guilt factor (for us at least)! We even brought the kids down to the pool after Polliwogs just to ensure that they had a good nap and would not be throwing tantrums when we left for the concert.

Though the concert was at 8pm, we reached the new National Stadium at 545pm. We were astounded by how crowded the place was and it seemed impossible to get a table for 4-6 for dinner. Hence, we ended up heading to NTUC to buy drinks, sushi & pork knuckle.

We entered the concert arena early and spent the time marvelling at how huge the stadium was as well as fanning ourselves. Mr H & I had attended Jay Chou’s concert in 2008, 2011, 2013 & now. We missed the one in 2004. To be honest, I had thought I would have grown tired of attending his concerts and I felt we were too old to be attending concerts. Well, it did seem that he was such an iconic representation of our era that most of his fans seemed to be in their 30s anyway.

It was an awesome night of listening to his hits, a reminder of the younger days when we would spend wee hours of the night singing KTV and how we transited from students to young working adults to parenthood. Though the concert was rather similar to the 2013 concert, I had a great time and many thanks to Mr H for insisting on going for the concert. At one point, I was inches away from touching the superstar too. That would be a story for the offline.

Z was so intrigued by our fascination over Jay Chou that he asked to see how he looked like and to listen to his songs too. Maybe this could inspire Z to better his Chinese.

Photos from the night:











Play at Polliwogs

Amongst all the indoor playgrounds, my favorite was Polliwogs for its newness, the variety and most importantly, the value passes.

I felt some branches were more suitable for the preschoolers too. The rowdy primary school children tended to worry me too much about my children’s safety.

When they opened at Suntec this year, I was filled with anticipation too. Z had a special place in his heart for Polliwogs too because we did his 3rd year old birthday party at Polliwogs Robertson Walk. Those were the days when X was still in my tummy and I would take annual leave to bring Z to Polliwogs on weekday afternoons.

Crowds aside, my favorite Polliwogs would still be Robertson Walk, Vivo City, Suntec City and then East Coast Park.

Given that we purchased value passes for both kids, we should be heading down to Polliwogs more often, and to enjoy their free flow tea and coffee.




Frozen the Cartoon

We brought both kids to watch Frozen. When the Disney animation was shown as a prelude, Z couldn’t stop laughing.

X paid a lot more attention than the last time he caught a movie. I really enjoyed the cartoon in terms of plot,
the characters and the soundtrack. Despite being a mother of two, a Disney princess movie never failed to enthralled me though I probably had no reason to swoon over the ‘prince’. What I liked about this movie was that the script writer was actually realistic about the Prince Charming.

X had his own seat in the cinema



We had lost count of the number of movies X had been to this year.  His first movie was when he was 3 months’ old and we had never really looked back since.  

A day on Dayre

After a day of usage, Dayre was great for microblogging (and actually blogging) but terrible for reading up on friends’ newsfeeds.

For that purpose, I was not sure how that would pan out eventually. They really ought to resolve the lagging part.

It was so slow that I had problems reading comments and loading friends’ home pages. Well, the interface seemed sleek and smooth but the underlying current was frustrating. No matter how much packaging and marketing could do, the core product was still important unless the developer was only interested in a “hit and miss” business.