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Xmas moments – Part 5

Date: 13th December 

Place: Wisma, Ion & USS

We found these tin soldiers at Wisma.   

X called out to us to take this shot  

Cute little Craftholic bears as arm swags  

Outside Ion  

Rode a sleigh
And a swing  

As well as a merry-go-round which was not pictured.

Christmas on a Great Street – very cute miniature of the actual gateway to Orchard Road  

Inside the Swarovski tree, so dazzling in and out!

More festive shots from USS   

This would probably be the last of our Xmas moments’ adventure in Singapore for this year. Till the next!

Xmas moments – Part 4

Date: 12 December 

Place: Centrepoint, Orchard Gateway, Orchard Central & USS

The recent heavy downpours and frequent rains had made it impossible to capture the festive moods around Singapore. This year, the retailers seemed to have invested heavily in the street decorations.

Outside Centrepoint   

“Ice sculpture” outside Orchard Gateway

Fancy Xmas lane and tree at Orchard Central  

Ballerina X

Inside OC  

Checking out OC’s little Xmas market   
Xmas at USS  

Tree of gifts at USS 

Xmas moments – Part 3

Date: 5 December 

Place: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

We had started the day rather festive with the haul of balloons in the house. The Spidey balloons from Z’s school party were still floating well and I picked up the rest from an office party.   
I had the thought of visiting the Flower Dome for the longest time. I always loved all the photos we captured at their thematic seasons.

At the entrance  

Attempted a welfie  

X tried to be funny

My boys totally humored me  
More funny shots  

X insisted on a solo photo and pushed Z out of frame    

The toy tower

Little Ferris wheel     

With angels

We all wanted a big bear hug  

Funny snowmen

Speaking of snowmen, X saw my desktop wallpaper of Tateyama and said he wanted to build a snowman. 😄

Xmas moments – Part 2

Date: 30 November

Place: Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens By The Bay

We popped over after work and school. The Christmas Wonderland had commenced on 27th November and looked set to get popular as days went by. Despite the heavy shower in the afternoon, we still headed down.

A family welfie 
What was new to the Christmas Wonderland was the Fairground

Everything looked pretty but expensive

The much talked about slide but was suspended as it was wet. It cost 4 tokens and each token cost $2. 

Z was getting bored here because I declined all his requests citing that they were overpriced.

Forcing him to take picture with me

There was an ice skating rink and a snow playground which Z also wanted to try, but declined by me again. Oops.

Getting hungry and reluctant boys to pose was a challenge 
We settled down the the Harry’s Pop-up restaurant. The kids enjoyed the atmosphere as it was very festive.

There was snow foam which made the boys very happy and made me very worried about my bag.

We went up to the OCBC Skywalk. I queued for this while the boys watched a magic show.

Distant show from where I stood

Gorgeous view from above, we managed to catch the Rhapsody whilst on the skywalk too

X loved the view and gamely posed for most photos

That was us when it was still relatively earlier   

On our way out, we took photo with this pretty Xmas tree.

Miniature supertree!

Xmas moments 

Place: Parkway Parade

Date: 22 Nov 2015

Z had a knack for taking photos with Christmas decoration. It was a “tradition” I set him on since he could remember. For posterity’s sake, I decided to start a tag on “Xmas2015” to capture the picturesque, festive moment as we counted down to Christmas.

Z was a willing model but X behaved as though copyrights were chargeable and was selective with number of photos he would take.

It would be very special Christmas for all of us this year, especially for the boys. 

Meanwhile, here were the pictures.   


Paper planes

Who knew paper planes could be so much fun? The boys already loved the folding of paper planes. Imagine a paper plane kit with many different way of folding and on fancy looking prints, it got the boys very excited.

X was too young to fold so Mr H made it for him while I assisted Z. The paper planes could really fly! 

Both boys kept echoing each other, “So cool!”

Well, it was really cool. This was one of the many presents from Z’s 5th X’s 2nd birthday and we finally got to opening it. 

The building phase, with many colourful printed papers in the kit  
Front of the paper 

Back of the paper with instructions 

The cool kit


More On birthday celebrations

When it was Mr H’s actual birthday, we were both busy with work. It was a simple fanfare of going for lunch and dinner.

We were such fans of Gyu Kaku that we returned to the restaurant to celebrate. My boys loved the U.S. Tare beef and boy, did they chomp down all the barbecued meats.

We also picked up a lovely cake from Chef Yamashita.

As usual, X blew out the candles and insisted on cutting the cake.