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For most holidays when we did not have a rental at our disposal, we walked a lot and burned off lots of calories.

Not this holiday.

We drove all over, popped in and out of farms, cafés and restaurants.

We had the best oysters, the best scallops, the best tarts, the best fruit ice cream and probably the best fresh milk ever.

The list was not exhaustive.

I would be doing up our day by day trip posts in a bit. Meanwhile, it was time to put in an exercise plan.

Sushi Goshin by Akashi


Located in a quiet but central location, this restaurant offered a good mix of Japanese dishes. The quality was good and the price range of the main course was around $16.90.

A surprising steal, given how good the food was, and how convenient the location was.

A meal at home

Since our neighbour shared on a place to get good quality steak which would not break the bank, I had been yearning to grill steak at home.

One weekend, we popped down to the place and was amazed by the steak selection. I even managed to get some strawberry-chocolate eclairs for testing and figured out they should be perfect for Z’s upcoming birthday party.

Back to dinner at home, here was our plan.

Salad (potato, carrot, broccoli, shellfish, kiwi, eggs)
Grilled tomato
Baked Chicken

For the grill pan:
Cod Fish
Sea Scallop






The raw form featuring marinated steak and cod fish



We simply were blown away by this US ribeye which only cost $11 per 200g slab. Now we knew where to get our steak fix in future.


Good price, great ambience and reasonable prices.

Definitely a good hangout place that I would be returning to. The mushroom risotto was divine and it was $17.90. It gave the vibes of an upmarket restaurant but offered genuinely quality food at unpretentious prices.

I love the lychee tiramisu!





Wearing the shoes and other random bits

At 19 months and 3 weeks old, X was able to put on his crocs shoes by himself.

He was immensely proud. So were we.

He was also showing about ten front teeth and some molars. I was not sure why the rest of the teeth took so long to appear.

He liked to ‘run’ after Z. He would try very hard but ended up slower by half. It was a hilarious sight.

He could, however, eat doubly fast when compared to Z. This boy was born to eat. He lived to eat, unlike Z who ate to live.

He could also feed himself very well, apart from the times when he thought soups were meant for tossing.

He ate and snacked a lot.


I had always noticed how X could down a bottle of milk right after dinner. From the Legoland trip where he would sit out play sessions in favor for chips, I knew he was a snacker.

And he was!

The above pictured him into his 3rd serving of grapes after dinner and milk. He was even thundering, “I want more!”

Definitely a boy with a voracious appetite.

Chef at home

The only two things that Mr H cooked better than me was instant noodles and bird’s nests.

We had a residual supply of bird’s nests from my pregnancy days.

Since X’s second hfmd episode, we had reinstated the regular tonics and Mr H had been cooking bird’s nest for the family weekly. Both Z and X would always demand for more helpings. They loved bird’s nests very much.

Z could tell me that he preferred the homecooked bird’s nest to the bottled ones. Our kids were a discerning lot when it came to food.

Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane

Boasted of a really cool coffee shop.

We first popped down after hearing about the famous, crispy chicken wings.

It was closed on a Monday night. We returned two days later and was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. There was a German beer and stew stall, Two Wings, a French stall, a seafood stall and a pasta stall.

I loved everything laksa based and was in love with this. The linguine was a tad too soft but the taste made up for it.


The truffle fries which came with the top up was passable but not impressive. For both pasta and truffle fries at $13, it was hard to complain.

The wings were good but it was not compelling for return visits.

However, we returned in the evening with my cousins and tried more dishes. My favorite was foie gras at $16.50. I would return for this.


The grilled snapper at $12 was passable. The serving size was huge though.


All in all, it was a nice place with good, cheap eats. Still could not believe how long it took me to know about this when my old office was just a few minutes’ drive away.