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Goosebumps the movie

This was undoubtedly one of the worst parenting moments in my life. We had seen the trailer and Z said he wanted to watch this movie.

It was the Halloween weekend and seemed rather apt to watch this movie. I even checked the reviews online and they mostly said good for the whole family. 

Some scenes especially Slappy (which resembled Chucky) were creepy and really scary for the kids.

I offered to leave the theater but Z was adamant about staying on. I tried to make light of the monsters but I knew they were scared. X told me openly that he was scared and it was a great thing that he fell asleep halfway.

I had thought the kids would be too scared to sleep in their own rooms. By the time we got home and I was done with bathing, both boys were snoring in their respective rooms.

Times like this I wished for the boys to be forgetful and not remember the so called scary monsters.

On a side note, Mr H had never heard of R.L.Stine before!

An excited Z, before meeting all the screen monsters 

When the haze hit

We spent so much time outdoors with the boys that the haze set us back quite a bit. We were at a loss on what to do.

So it was movies, home movies and more TV programs.

It was books, enrichment books and more practice work.

It was toys, Lego, cars and opening more new gadgets.

Cabin fever was getting to us. 

The haze was such a dampener and so many activities had to be cancelled, like swimming, tennis and more.

The boys had been putting up a good fight but after 2 weeks’ of air pollution, X was showing symptoms of running nose. No amount of Manuka honey and Chinese herbs could ride us through if this persisted.

On one hand, it was sucky to have such poor quality of air and to worry about long term effects to our bodies. I recalled how a visiting counterpart asked if we ever saw blue sky in this part of the world. On the other hand, it heightened the awareness of caring for our environment. It also made us wonder how people who constantly had to live in such environments survive. 

Terrible Teething

We had been parents for quite a while that we thought we knew everything. Like really everything.

One day, X cried in pain and pointed to his mouth.

First panic attack – HFMD!

We shined a torchlight at the back of his throat.

No ulcers, cleared.

Second panic attack, decayed teeth!

We shined the light at the back of his gums. No teeth… And we laughed. If he had no teeth, how to have decayed teeth? We thought it was false alarm and maybe he bit himself.

The next day, he cried in pain again.

And again. And again.

It struck me odd that he had no teeth at the back and asked Mr H if kids were supposed to have teeth till the back. He replied that they should have. I ran a search and realized this was the time when they would have teething for a second set of molars. Really?

Well, so that explained the pain and discomfort. Thankfully, Dentinox helped to alleviate the pain but the teething woes plagued us for days.

The Second Child Syndrome

When X contracted HFMD for the second time in his life, I felt really guilty.  I attributed it to his poor immunity, caused by my lack of regular tonics during my pregnancy.

My fellow mother-of-two friend asked me if it was a second child syndrome.  I was puzzled as to what she meant.

It was only further discussion that I realised that we had inevitably slacked or become more lax with the second child.  We were less fervent in giving them regular tonics and supplements and less frantic about their dietary requirements.  Second child (or subsequent children) was also constantly exposed to their siblings.  Be it snacks or play, they would stretch beyond their limits and wanted the same as their older siblings.

To be honest, I had been very cautious about not letting Z touch snacks or chocolates till he was a lot older.  Z did not even get to see such sinful snacks till much later.  With X, I had little control because he wanted to follow Z.

As for play, I made sure Z nap 2-3 hours on weekends.  With X, he hardly get the same amount of rest because we were so busy with Z’s schedule or even our own agenda.  There was always too much excitement for X to consider napping and missing out on the fun.

I had been made to realise that my lax pregnancy days had carried forward to my parenting days for X.  I had no excuse to perpetually blame what I could not change but to focus on what I could improve for the future and not let complacency affect how we parent the second child.

Road to recovery

After one day of seeing X in pain and having our hearts in pieces, X seemed to feel better today.

He had a much better appetite.

It could be either due to my no-nonsense mother who babysat him or his ulcers were getting better.

For the former, it was more of an attitude which he respected and turned all bratty when he saw me.

For the latter, I had to thank the antibiotics for turning the fever around and Manuka honey for possibly helping the ulcers to heal faster.

I was really thankful for this, thank you for blessing our family.