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Pre-holiday weekend – Part 2

On Sunday, Z could barely crawled out of bed. Our cleaning auntie reached at 8am so Mr H and I had to be up early. In order to clear stocks in the fridge, I made ham, mushroom & cheese omelette for breakfast. My egg was too small and i did not add water so it was very hard to fold my omelette. My success rate was 1/3 for presentation. 

Mr H had also bought me a pizza float but I let the kids test run in the morning. X loved it.  

It looked like X was on patrol.

The kids played till the skies rained on them. After a home-cooked lunch, we headed out to the family hairdresser. We spent more than 2 hours there as I had to dye my hair.

After shopping errands for the trip & Xmas were completed, we took photos around the prettily decked out areas.  

We had a simple dinner before rushing off to USS for the evening programs. We were just in time!

The 713pm Christmas Lights show


The 720pm Fairytale remix performance 
The 740pm Sesame Street Xmas show  

Z even squeezed in a ride before we heading home on a drizzling night. 

Random fact of the day – I found out that X knew how & when to switch his Aircon on or off. πŸ‘πŸ»

Pre-holiday weekend – Part 1

The pre-holiday weekend in Singapore was utter madness. There were so many things to do in Singapore during Christmas period but the rain was not helping. It almost made me feel sorry that we would be away from Singapore for so long! One thing for sure, we would miss the Star Wars opening weekend and there were a couple of movies such as The Good Dinosaur which we had not gotten to watching.

On Friday itself, Z had to skip his wushu class for his birthday dinner with the family. We also had an impromptu visit from our relatives in KL. By the time we were done with dinner and shopping at Daiso (we had to grab vacuum bags), we got home at 1030pm.

On Saturday, Mr H brought Z to soccer class. X went along too because I had facial appointment. They had lunch and we convened at Metro. We barely made our way past 313 when it started to drizzle and my plans for my Xmas moments’ phototaking at Ion were dashed. We went to the “Christmas Market” at OC, redeemed some vouchers and popped over to OG to buy woollen socks for the kids. No thanks to our late decision, we were unable to buy the ski accessories from a local website which was also undergoing some massive relocation and could not accommodate self-collection.

I shopped at Metro alone and picked up my skincare, a swim suit, a silk quilt (20%+20%) and silk-like quilt cover (60% off). 

Thereafter, we had to rush over to catch “The Future of us” exhibition.

 The wet walk in  
Getting in soon – the entrance was so near to the fairground of Xmas Wonderland that I thought we should have parked at Gardens by the Bay.


Entering exhibit soon
To ponder over what made Singapore Singaporean  
First video clip    

There was a second clip and we were shown this exhibit room. It showed endless possibilities of how we could use technology to create our future.

Checking out urban farming 


Z’s favorite section was the one showing how SCDF used technology to resolve a problem and how the soldiers secured a building.

“Dreams” in the air    

Casting a wish for his future 

Enjoying a swing     

The Future of Us – visited and checked!

I felt the exhibition was rather disappointing. Great concept but the experience was too short and abrupt.

In the evening, we attended a birthday party! 

The kids enjoyed running around while I enjoyed the live prata station.
Live station  

Z tried his first tissue prata
Then we rushed to USS for the Xmas show and fireworks! 

Extent of smoke from fireworks – so glad that they went ahead despite the rain
For Xmas, Mr H renewed our season passes so here was to more USS.  

I also realized we had more Xmas shows to catch!!! 

We definitely had to come back here before the holiday trip!

A pair of bootsΒ 

I used to own 5-6 pairs of boots till pregnancy and kids. We cut back on the traveling, especially for winter holidays. The few pairs of boots slowly degenerated and fell apart. After that, I stopped buying boots and wore flats or track shoes. 

When I booked such a last minute trip to Tateyama, it was in end April. I was looking all over for boots and it had been nearly impossible since the winter holiday season was far gone.

To my surprise, Zalora was selling boots. The benefit of an online store where they could list as many products as they wanted. 

I managed to pick this up for $27.90. 

I sure hoped it would last for the trip.

Whoever said shopping in Singapore was expensive did not know where to shop. Really.


Le Creuset sale

I headed down to the sale after work. I was thankful that there was no queue and managed to pick up two items.   

The first was a rectangular grill pan which was going at $159, marked down from the original $300++. It was timely because Mr H had freshly chipped our Teflon coated grill pan. 

I picked up a casserole pot. I had a tough time deciding between 22cm or 24cm. After that, I was contemplating to get the 24cm curved base’s Marmite soup pot which was 2cm shorter but cost $259 and was only left in one colour. The curved base meant it could be better used for stir frying. However, I went with the casserole pot version at $309 because I figured out I preferred a higher capacity for stews. 


The loot of the day  

My most pleased item was the grill pan. Yay!

The tale of a Floral shirt

When we were informed of the need for a floral shirt for a mini performance in school, my mind went blank. I googled for it and could hardly find anything suitable in design or price point.

I thought we had to make a trip down to H&M and Cotton On to check our options.

We happened to be at Bugis Village and chances upon these.

They came with matching bottoms and were a steal at $6 per set or $10 for 2 sets. That was how we ended up getting something for X too.

It amazed me that we could still find such cheap items in Singapore. Well, whoever said Singapore was an expensive place to shop simply did not know where to shop.

I was also amazed by the transformation of Bugis Village. I had not set foot in the place for years. To think that we would always check out the markets in other countries but not so in our own backyard.

There were so many places to visit in Singapore and so many activities that it made me wonder why people complained about being bored by this little island. I wished I had more weekends!

Children bicycle shopping

We first bought a 12″ bicycle for Z when he turned 3. It was his birthday present then.

Two years later, on his fifth birthday, he had outgrown the bicycle by a wide margin. The tiny 12″ bicycle had seemed so humongous on him.

Zach was standing at 113cm when we thought of changing the bicycle. I wanted an 18″ bicycle but it was an odd and rarely found size. 16″ would be just nice for him but I foresaw that it probably would be a year before he outgrew it. Hence, the next option was 20″. Most 20″ bicycles were for children above 120cm. It was not advisable to get a bicycle with a frame that was too big for them to handle because there would be a higher possibility of accidents.

We had a few recommendations and checked out various shops.

1. East Coast, Big Splash
2. Giant Hypermarket
3. Bike shop diagonally opposite
4. Treknology at Bukit Merah
5. Bikehaus
6. Surfing online
– Bike Discount
– Decathlon
7. A shop along middle road selling retro looking bicycle
8. Wheeler’s Yard
9. Read up on foldable bikes such as Dahon and Java

I would have loved to visit more bicycle shops but they were usually only opened till 7 and closed on Sundays.

Choosing a bicycle was a very personal choice because it depended on the built, ability and confidence of the child.

The only factors which stood consistent were the comfort, the stability and solidness of the bicycle body as well as how the bicycle glided. As I wanted a 20″ bicycle, I was also looking at the lowest, possible height of the seat from the ground. It should be 50-52cm for Z’s height.

Most of the 20″ bicycles were too tall for Z. He was petrified about suspending at high ground while having to control the bicycle. We considered a 16″ bicycle. It came with training wheels which we did not need and we had to top up for the kick stand. The bicycle frame was fabulous but I really felt that Z would outgrow it in a year’s time.

I read somewhere online that Puky was the Mercedes of children bikes. Locally, it retailed at $960! If I shipped from Germany, it would be 350€ and I would have to assemble myself. The bike seat was 57cm from ground. The model was recommended for a child with minimal height of 120cm.

We eventually ended up with a Trek bike. I was impressed with the selection, the sturdy built of the bike and the well thought design. There were 2 mudguards for the front and back wheel. There was a metal handle bar to assist us to lift the bicycle without exerting unnecessary force on the bike seat. There were a lot of reflectors. Most importantly, for a 20″ rim, the bike seat could be lowered to 50-52cm from the ground. It meant that Z could tiptoe whilst on the bike.

The version with single handbrake and back pedal brake, without mudguards, was $299. The version with dual handbrakes and mudguards was $315. We opted for the latter and also picked up a bell at $8, a set of knee/elbow guards with hand glove for $25 (a lot cheaper than the Micro guards that we got for X and that did not include the hand gloves) and a digital bicycle lock for $19.

The final bonus was that it could fit into our car boot. Yay to no bicycle rack for the time being!

Rims of the new versus the old2015/01/img_0570.jpg

The Trek bicycle from Treknology2015/01/img_0569.jpg

The main entrance of the showroom2015/01/img_0568.jpg

An array of bicycles for children2015/01/img_0566.jpg

The boy with his belated 5th year old birthday present and the knee/elbow guards from the Treknology store2015/01/img_0699.jpg

More information on Trek bikes here.

Party shops shopping

From the 2 parties, I had done my fair share of shopping of party shops.

I never knew there was party shop near my place. It was in a really obscure location but it offered a fabulous selection of foil balloons and some of the better party decoration items. However, if you were savvy enough, you would probably know where to get them online at lower prices. This would be great for late party planners who did not have the luxury of time to ship from overseas. Nonetheless, their balloon bouquets were attractively priced at $35. If I needed foil balloons in future, I would go to them for sure instead of shipping in from USA.


Crawford Lane area boosted of many interesting party and gift shops. You could probably walk the entire area starting from Blk 462 and buy up all your party needs. They had fancy tissue pom poms, and in specific, they had pretty good Mickey themed props priced reasonably i.e. The cardboard stand was only $9.95 but the quality was rather average. You could also buy party favors at wholesale pricing or even order customized birthday cakes from Naomi’s kitchen. My friend had ordered a Peppa Pig cake and I thought it tasted pretty good. However, there was one shop which annoyed me. I asked for the cost of filling up the helium of the foil balloons which I had already bought. A bouquet of foil balloons costs $39 and the cost of filling up helium only? Also $39. I basically told the shop assistant if they did not welcome filling up helium for externally bought balloons, they should state it upfront. It would save us the effort to ask and the awkwardness for them to answer. I had been curious because everything else was so cheap at Crawford Lane but balloons were probably their revenue clocker. It was pricier than other places.

As for the 3 party shops at Middle Road stretch, their helium latex balloons were cheaper but balloon bouquets more expensive. The party favors were expensive and of poorer quality. The party accessories such as plates, napkins and what’s not were easily 30-40% more expensive than NTUC. I guessed it catered as a good one stop shop for most people.

Lastly, I thought we should also not judge a shop by its location. The party shop at Centrepoint offered the best rate for filling up my balloon bouquet at $13, as opposed to the ridiculous quote of $39 from Crawford Lane. Best of all, I could use my Fraser e-$ to pay.