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Bali day 4 #postdated

The last full day in Bali was rather rest and relax for us. The driver picked us up to check out Tanoh Lot. I was impressed by the view as well as the number of souvenir shops in the area, and lastly, by the volume of Chinese tourists.

We were done at Tanoh Lot by 12pm and returned to Seminyak. It was a day of good food, shopping and cafe hopping.

This was our lunch at La Lucciola. The food were good and reasonably priced of $10 per main course. We went overboard and ordered many items off the menu for sharing. The kids loved the prawn pasta!

Sea view for lunch

La Lucciola in the background

We headed to Seminyak Square (1 minute’s drive away) for shopping. I visited my favourite shop – Sisca, for the boys’ clothes. They had way nicer clothes for girls but so not relevant for me.

We checked out the nearby Revolver’s Cafe where it was so uncannily Australian-like.

By 5pm, we headed back to the villa where the boys played in the pool more. We changed and headed out to Metis for dinner to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. It was our second consecutive year of celebrating our anniversary at this restaurant.

Romantic but mozzies-filled lotus pond

A very special and gastronomical meal to round up the trip!

Happy 7th Anniversary

It was amazing to look back and say, “Hey, we have been married for 7 years!”

We were blessed and thankful to have more ups and downs.

We were blessed and thankful to have the opportunities to love and learn.

We were blessed and thankful to have each other to have and hold, and even two beautiful boys to walk the journey with us.

On this day, I wished the marriage would continue to be strong, happy and loving.  We would still have our differences but I hoped we would still always be able to respect, love and spend every single day as happily as possible.

Turning 7

The Facebook Lookback video was launched timely.  A day before our 7th (Lunar) Wedding Anniversary, I was reminded of our pre-kids days.  To be honest, by the time X joined our little family, past memories of pre-kids days had all but evaporated into thin air.

When we only had Z, we could still get away with chilling out at Dempsey or in comfort at hotel lounges.  These days, with 2 kids, I found our energies running lower and would have to beg off to sleep by 11pm.  It could be due to the age, the number of kids or both.

Most people would not remember their Lunar wedding date but it would be hard to forget ours.  I always found it coincidental that much of our family’s moment drivers circled around the Lunar New Year period.

First was our wedding and next up were how close my confinements were towards the Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, Happy Lunar Wedding Anniversary to Mr H as we counted down to the actual wedding anniversary!