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Masterpiece #4 – about the sea

Z decided to pick a shark to draw for this theme.

Sketching stage  

Later on, he had a school party where he had to design a signage. Since he was selling drinks, the occupational hazzard mummy (which meant me) came up with a stall name for him “Thirsty Shark Drinks”.

Pun totally intended!

His original shark sketch for the signboard looked better. Anyway, this worked for me too.  
I digressed.

This was the final artwork. ๐Ÿ’–  

Z’s first pencil drawing – Masterpiece #3

Every 5th & 6th lesson of the term would be on pencil drawing.

I had drawn my first still life object when I was 11. My son had gotten to his before he even turned 6.

I was biased but what a cute puppy that he drew!  

Art Folio & Masterpiece #2

The second Art project focused on Aborigines’ art. Z picked a lizard to draw. He told me he chose it over a snake because he knew I was scared of snakes.

However, later on, I found out other kids had chosen cuter animals like Kangaroo, I wondered why he picked lizard. ๐Ÿ˜ 
Mr H wanted to frame up the painting. I explained the idea was not feasible. I suggested a huge file to keep the artwork so that we would not crumple it.

Ta dah! 

Mr H brought home a Lihit Smart Fit folio bag in A2 size. It reminded me of the folios which creative designers would carry around to show their concepts. ๐Ÿ˜‚
How they measured up 
Thank you, Mr H!

Art masterpiece #1


After 4 weeks, this was Z’s completed masterpiece. This boy cared about cars, dinosaurs and submarines. He also had the most interesting proposition to put a Merlion tattoo on his face. 

Teacher Pei said that Z had a lot of details in mind such as adding the Adidas logo and stripes to his t-shirt.

He was also the one who wanted an electric blue background with stripes. However, she was concerned that it would be too dark and advised him on lightening with a gradient.

I was very impressed with the studio’s expertise and guidance.

I liked how his teacher helped him to create an art piece of his own, how she helped him to think, how she taught him the strokes and painting.

4 lessons completed, 6 more to go.