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Toy Ball

On the day we sneaked out to watch a movie without X, I felt so guilty. We were at Great World City and I chanced upon this toy ball which I thought was so awesome. It came in several sizes and the 5″ version was perfect for young children, even for Z’s age.

It was light, bounced very well (and high), had grip lines all over and was beautifully printed. Mr H thought I was crazy to want to buy another ball for the boys.

However, it was so easy to handle that you could dribble effortless like a basketball. The grip lines also made it easier to catch. Most interestingly, the ball was not very round, so it could bounce off in unexpected directions too.

I thought it was a good practise ball to train the boys up on their ball sense.

Hence, it was retailing at $18.90 at Mother Works. Check out the cute prints from here.

And it was a hit with X, he loved it so much that both boys played with each other for hours. Even I liked playing this ball with the boys!