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Zach’s birthday dinner with Family

We let the birthday boy decide the dinner venue. He told us he wanted Xiaolongbao and in particular, the crab version. I asked if he wanted to eat crabs instead but he insisted on having Xiaolongbao before we flew off for our holidays. This boy was really cute.

He also asked for a chocolate truffle cake – so thankful that he didn’t ask for a fancy fondant one which would be too expensive and sweet to eat.   

That was us at one of the family’s favorite haunt – Paradise Dynasty Restaurant at Vivo City 

All of us

Both boys gifted their cousin with a Xmas present each

To sweetened the evening, we were given a visual treat of a 5-second fireworks at USS from where we were. It sure seemed like rehearsal fireworks for their next day’s display. 

#dated 11th Dec 2015, exactly 2 weeks to his actual day! 

Z’s 6th birthday in school 

As many classmates were traveling after the graduation concert, the best time for us to host a party in school was two days before the concert and exactly a month to his actual birthday.

The boy requested for happy meals and goodie bags. He told us it was fine not to bring in magicians or play games. He also picked a cake which he thought was “amazing” and that his friends had not seen before.

Here were simple preparations prior to the party.

Cake flags
Lego toy, and other snacks & personalized name labels not pictured    

Farewell gift 


Surrounded by his favorite folks  

Capturing the last preschool birthday party for Z

Z was really pleased and appreciative. He thanked us for everything we did for the party. I was glad that this boy was sensible and sweet.

A day after the party, Z told me he had a meeting with his friends. The teacher talked to them about graduation and a few girls cried. He also cried because he knew he would miss his preschool friends so much. 


So much heart in this little boy. 

Epictober weekend – 1st half

I combined Epic and October in one word because it was truly so. We played from 930am to 10pm. By the time we got home, I was dozing at the supper table.

We started the day with Universal Studios! We were able to enter the park early because we had passes to the Breakfast with Elmo event. We were there to celebrate our niece’s birthday.

Party guests

Decor in the restaurant which really set the birthday mood

Cute pancakes which tasted good too

Cute desserts which might have been too heavy on the sugar

The birthday girl and her parents

Featuring our family with Elmo

Oscar which was really cute

Cookie monster and us

Bert & the kiddos

We went to play transformers ride with the express passes and caught the Sesame Street show together.

The boys also rode carousel with their cousin.

By 1230pm, it was too hot and we headed off to Orchard & Toa Payoh for school bag shopping before our second engagement for the day.

The F1, the 90th and the swim test

 It was the F1 weekend in Singapore. Apart from the first F1 race held in Singapore in 2008, I had not been to F1. However, the city was ablazed with F1 activities (and the haze).

F1 race video game at Metro  
I headed for facial and the 3 boys actually staked out at Sony Gallery to play more F1 race games. I joked that they had treated it like an arcade!

It was so hazy that only indoor activities were permissible. We had lunch at Jack’s Place and I was impressed with their children’s meal selection which only cost $7 for a main course! The boys were too hungry and they tucked in right away.

In the evening, we headed back to United Square for dinner at Wee Nam Kee chicken rice. The kids ended up playing with Zoo Mooving.

We also picked up the Man U kit for the boys.

Though X was only 2 years and 8 months’ old, the cutting of the Adidas Man U kit seemed to be on the small side. Hence, we got the 5-6yo size for him. It was $69 for the set but the shorts were too big for him. 

For older boys, there was no matching shorts for purchase. Given that the top cost $89 for Z, I got the 9-10yo size and paired with the 5-6yo shorts from X’s kit.

I purchased an additional pair of Adidas shorts for X at $21. Ironically, the 7-8yo sizing was small enough for X. It was an interesting titbit I learned when I used to buy Adidas apparels for Z. 

Smart boys in their Man U apparels, sponsored by Mr H


It was also a special weekend because we celebrated Mr H’s grandma’s 90th birthday!

Say yay!  

Check out X taking a photo of his great grandma’s Lana Chocolate Birthday cake  

Featuring the grandchildren (with spouses) and great grandchildren    

It was a pretty long luncheon and the kiddos ran themselves mad around the dining lounge.

Hanging out for lunch  

Post lunch, Z had to go for his swimming evaluation test. The haze, lack of practice and unprepared skills meant that Z could not clear his butterfly strokes test. It was back to the pool for more practice for this boy. 

Meanwhile, we could only pray that the haze clear up soon for more swimming practice.


Because we can never get tired of birthday cakes 

Everyone was so busy that we continued to enjoy birthday celebrations when it was very much belated.

We were such creatures of habit that we headed back to Gyu Kaku for a 3rd consecutive time over a span of 2 weeks. Some of the staff recognized us by then.  

We also patronized Jumbo 3 times within 6 days and the staff recognized Mr H when he bought takeaway crabs too.

It was a year with many cakes, many crabs and many slices of marbled beef. 😋

It also meant dieting season should be round the corner soon.