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Beehoon and the sky

“Mummy, what is the name of the beehoon that we throw into the sky?”

I peered at Z carefully.

Then it struck me.

“Yu Sheng!”

“Yes, that is the one. I like Yu Sheng very much. Can we have it soon?”

Given that he had brought this up a month before Lunar New Year, I thought he had very good memory and association skills. My dear boy, I liked Yu Sheng as much as you too! There should be a lot of fun and tossing when the time came.

Community Festivities

The management office had outdone themselves this year by preparing a line of yusheng for the residents to do lohei!


They even prepared a list stating the sequence and well wishes to go with the lohei. It was very well thought.

The lion dance was also very kids’ friendly and all the kids went up to stroke and pet the ‘lion’.

X was scared when the God of Fortune got too near and also cried when he found the lion springing from his back. Z was rather taken aback and got scared too. It took him quite a while to warm up and pet the lion too.


Lunar Weekend Whirl

It had been mad busy in the last two weeks.  Lunar New Year rendered the usual hectic schedule even busier than usual.  It did not help that I was sick and was sleeping doubly much.  We completed last minute shopping on the Chu Xi, rushed home to bathe the kids and made it for reunion dinner at a rather late hour.

X had a mighty good time because he was allowed to snack on all the new year goodies.  Z embraced the festival too.  He was over the moon with opening of the floodgates to sweets, sweets and more sweets.

It was the first year for Z to participate in the lunar new year with an inkling of what was happening around him.  He was barely 2 months’ old in the very first year and was a totting toddler a year later.  By the time he had better awareness, he celebrated the lunar new year in Paris and a year later, he was stuck with me at home because I was having my confinement.  It took him a while to get used to saying the auspicious words when receiving the red packets.

For the first day, we followed my dad’s itinerary and ended off the night at my aunt’s place.  For the second day, we had more visitings, managed to squeeze in a playdate for Z and concluded with watching ‘Robocop’.  Z was much impressed and X was just as intrigued.  The latter made through at least 100min before he got fidgety.  On the third day, Z had swim class and we had our friends over for a swim date.

With that, the long CNY weekend concluded.

The start of Horse year


Both kids had celebrations in school. Z had an actual steamboat and Chinese New Year snacks sharing session.

X had a cny party where he dressed up and looked so spiffy completed with the hat.

I really loved this age where X looked so adorable. It made me miss how adorable Z was too!

Happy lunar new year


For the very first time, we had invested in some decoration dollars to dress up the house for lunar new year.

Most of our lunar New Years were spent on holidays or in confinements. This was also the first time that Z had a better inkling of the festival.

The last time he went visiting, he just crossed one year old. Well, that was almost 4 years ago.

In a blink, really, in a blink… Z was so old already.

I loved how his eyes now twinkled with excitement and even mischief.

Well, I reckoned his eyes would twinkle even more with the receipt of Ang Pows.

This was technically X’s second lunar new year but he barely completed his full month during the last lunar new year. I only remembered he was blessed with so many red packets from the new year and his full month.

Here was to wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year, especially the little kids with their ‘earnings’!