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At the end of CNY

What a sure sign of how different both kids were. One was quick to rip open in a messy manner and one was patient enough to line them up to open slowly.

I sure hoped it was a fun period for them. With the conclusion of the lunar new year, it was back to regular meals, a hiatus to Lohei and time for our usual programming.

Towards the end of CNY

We usually would visit Mr H’s nanny’s home. She had babysat him for many years and watched his brother and him grow up.

Z & X – getting pro at visitingWith their cousin

A group photoWe visited Mr H’s auntie too!Another Yusheng for the boys 

We had to rush home because my cousins were visiting us. 

The day ended with an early “Yuan Xiao” with my folks. – another Yusheng

X became very pro with Lohei too

Coming to the end of the lunar new year 

With that, the festivities for the Lunar Year of Goat came to an end. 

More catching up over the lunar new year 

The lunar new year and the concept for reunion served as a good reminder for everyone to get together. Before CNY, I had met up my ex-colleagues from TSP a few times. During CNY, despite being away for a few days, there was time to catch up with an old school senior, a couple more friends and also our favorite family friends.EditAll our offsprings 

Some turned into mutants though 

Steamboat with friends 

One of the fun things we did during lunar new year was to have steamboat with friends and their children. We had two boys from the first generation and a bunch of toddlers touted as the second generation.

The day was meant to be fairly simple, chill and chat by the pool. It was always my vision to somewhat do a poolside BBQ in the day but it was always hard to make that happen. This time round, there was a frenzy of activities surrounding the new year and I had no time to prepare. On hindsight, it was a better choice.

I seemed to forget what a handful of toddlers meant. It was unlike the days when we used to meet up when the kids were younger. They were eccentric, demanding and in general, hard to feed. It was a good thing we did steamboat but I guessed it would have been a better thing if I ordered cooked food in.

The kids from first generation – these two hit off so well from the start 

The calmness after a storm

The group of us who had been friends since a long time back, before we were married and mommies

Lohei with the kids

It was quite hard to imagine how fast forward it had been. It did not seemed too long ago when we had hung out during maternity leave, met up with our pregnant tummies or even exchanged wedding tips.

What would our kids say when they grow up too?

The annual lion dance 

As part of the annual tradition, the management office would arrange for a mass Lohei and a lion dance performance. It was pretty fun and given the number of units in our development, it was small enough for it to be a crowded but cosy session.

It was also an opportunity for the kids to get up close and personal with the lion dance troupe.

Z and the lucky numbers 

Prior to the performance With my gf (as well as neighbour) before the mass Lohei