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The Journey on Channel 8

Channel 8 had launched another blockbuster drama recently.

There were so many actors and actresses that I had actually lost track of the show.  When we were having fruits earlier, there was a scene featuring 2 children.  They had apparently fought and were punished by their mother.  I really had to love the lines for this segment.

One of the children was reprimanded for interrupting the adults’ discussion.  We used that to remind Z that cutting in on our conversations was very rude and he was lucky that he did not need to be punished for being rude.

A next scene how they were caned on their palms and they were supposed to receive 20 strokes of cane.  We capitalised on that and told Z that the ‘market rate’ was 20 strokes and he was very lucky that he received much lesser.  Too bad the children’s scene was limited, I would have loved all the strict disciplining ones.


This is Mediacorp’s current 9pm show and is coming to an end soon. Actually, I have already watched all episodes on mobTV. This is one of the local attempts to create an idol drama with k-drama elements.

It has a pretty cute tune that goes “wa wa wa” which both Z and X love.

Z actually understands the drama and can quote the characters’ names like 小小 and Oscar. I am bemused and also happy that he accepts the Chinese language readily.

Back to the drama, it is indeed entertaining and hope Mediacorp continues to explore different genre of dramas, instead of the lousy, overly marketed blockbuster dramas which can’t even hold 5 minutes of attention.