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Growing up

At 2 years 10 months’ old, X proved to be a Peking Duck Connoisseur too. 

He looked very intently at the super Peking duck which was coming his way soon.   

He also enjoyed a cup of old school drink with his friend like how their daddies would “lim kopi” sans spoons.

He was always up to no good when his favorite buddy was around.   

For the amount of hair he was tearing out from us, his cheeky smile never failed to win us over.


Was when the Photobooks arrived and knowing the 5th one chronicling the 2 short trips earlier this year would be arriving soon too.  

Seeing the end product made me feel that all the efforts went into making the book were worth every moment. 

These were the medium landscape (11″ x 8.5″) image wrap versions on photobooksingapore.com. I would get the discounted prepaid vouchers and save more than $100 for each thick volume book. I could pack up to 800-1000 photos over 140 pages. It really depended on how many photos squeezed into one collage without seeming cluttered.

Till the next trip, for the next book.

Sporty day with the boys

On Labour’s Day, the boys had to wake up early to go down to the tennis court.

X, looking all dazed to be up at 830am on a public holiday

When I asked him to smile, he mustered this for me.

Meanwhile, Z was learning from Mr H.

One reason for the enthusiasm for an early tennis session was because I got a mid-sized racquet for Z. X had been monopolising the kid’s racquet.

We had a pretty good 1.5hours session with coaching Z and playing the game occasionally ourselves. Z had gotten pretty accustomed to this family activity that he would ask about playing tennis every other week. We thought it was a great way to train his motor skills and build his stamina too.

X, who usually busied himself with running round the court, was all tired and spent his time examining a dried leaf.

We rounded the day off with a late brunch and a pool date for the kids.

Recap of travel photobooks

Since Z was born and the popularisation of photobooks, I made a photobook to mark every holiday with the kids.

Before X
2010 Jun – Sendai, Tokyo (Japan) with Z
2010 Dec – Hongkong with Z
2011 Jul – Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Oxford, Bath, London (England) with Z
2011 Dec – Seoul (Korea) with Z
2012 Jan – Paris, Brussels (France, Belgium) with Z
2012 Sep – Hongkong with Z
2012 Oct – Bangkok (Thailand) with Z

After X
2013 Apr – London, Paris (England, France) with Z & X
2014 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2014 May – Sokcho, Hwaseong, Seoul (Korea) with Z & X
2014 Sep – Legoland (Malaysia) with Z & X
2014 Oct – Melbourne, Tasmania (Australia) with Z & X
2015 Jan – Penang, Cruise (Malaysia) with Z & X
2015 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2015 May – Kanazawa, Tateyama, Tokyo (Japan) with Z & X TBC

It sure looked like I only had 2015 photobooks to follow up at this point and I planned to combine the cruise & Bali trip into one.

Dessert for the week


This used to be my favorite, but super fattening, chocolate in Uni days.  I was pleasantly surprised to spy it in ice cream form at Meidi-Ya supermarket.  I loved the strawberry flavouring used in most Japanese confectionery and needless to say, I enjoyed this very much.

I also picked up a Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake from the supermarket.  We went there so often but there was always something new to discover each time.

A friend commented that we always seemed to be at Meidi-Ya.  Well, to a large extent, it was true.  Grocery shopping had always been a regular feature and was always functional.  However, shopping at Meidi-Ya was always full of surprises due to the vastly different range of goods available.  Mr H could recall fondly of his younger days when he used to visit the Japanese supermarkets such as Yaohan and Sogo.

It seemed like such a fun family tradition to continue.

Z definitely loved to shop for his snacks too, so did I.

Mr H’s version of a snack was a post-dinner supper of marked down sashimi.